Wacky and Wonderful Walkabout Entertainment Ideas

As we enjoy a scorching summer, the sunshine and long warm evenings bring the perfect opportunity to host a whole array of summer events. Have everyone mingling and really getting to know each other by hiring some awe inspiring Walkabout Entertainment Ideas,​ to interact directly with your guests! Perfect for bringing people together and a fabulous ice breaker for every event. This is entertainment that will have everyone chuckling!

From outdoor weddings, to prom parties, mini festivals to garden parties, there is nothing better than bringing friends and loved ones together for an awesome summer spectacular! And to make your summer party really sizzle, the perfect live entertainment is a must!

Stilt Walkers

Your fabulous summer party will certainly be no small affair with these hilarious and wacky Stilt Walkers! With a huge range of themed costumes and performances, Stilt Walkers are a brilliantly humorous spectacle, perfect for weddings,  corporate functions, theme parks, private parties and festivals. Your guests will be delighted as they meet and greet, pose for photos, and entertain with laugh a minute performances. Lively and comical, this is the perfect walkabout entertainment to elevate your party and make it a soaring success!

Magician & Mind Reading

What could be more wonderfully unpredictable than a Mind Reading Magician to put the unexplainable into your event? Your guests will be enthralled and gasping in amazement as this extraordinary entertainer weaves through the crowd, performing slight of hand tricks, mind reading and incredible feats of mentalism. Demonstrating close up magic, clever card tricks and “borrowing” personal objects from your family and friends, your event will be set a buzz with the inexplicable! Stun guests at your corporate function or wow at your wedding reception! This is magically mystifying fun that will baffle and astound at any event.

Living Statues

Stunning and unique, living statues are a wonderful way to break the ice as your guests arrive. Their fabulous costumes and characters can be tailored to your party theme and are perfect as a meet and greet for your summer party, wedding reception, or corporate event. Guests will marvel at how impressively life like the statues are and be left wondering whether they are real or not……. until the “statues” startle and amaze with their sudden movement! A fantastic surprise that no-one will see coming! The statues will pose for photos, mingle and interact with your guests and create a huge impact moment! A fantastic, wacky and stunning centrepiece for any indoor or outdoor event!


For that really personal touch and a guaranteed talking point, why not choose a Caricaturist? Brilliantly zany, guests will be delighted as they are captured perfectly in speedy sketches and hilarious cartoon doodles. This super talented artist mingles amongst your guests, creating wickedly funny portraits drawn in a variety of colours or in black and white. Each cartoon picture is humorously exaggerated to capture every unique characteristic and with banter as skilled and speedy as every drawing, this surprising entertainer will have revellers chuckling with glee! This wacky and personalised gift will be the perfect keepsake for all of your guests and guaranteed to entertain for years to come.

Roaming Bands

No party would be complete without some great tunes and what better way to keep the music going and your guests entertained than with a fabulous Roaming Band!
This unique idea is the perfect musical walkabout entertainment choice and is guaranteed to break the ice amongst guests at a festival, private party, wedding reception or corporate event. Completely wireless, the band roam through the crowd, mingling and performing a foot stomping repertoire of all the the best music from the classics to today’s chart hits. As they cruise the crowds taking requests the party will be rocking and your guests up and dancing with their fun and interactive performance. Get your guests involved and bring the music to them!

Celebrity Look Alikes

Walkabout Entertainment Ideas don’t end here! Hire a celebrity lookalike to wow at your party or corporate event. Thrill your guests as they mingle with their favourite pop star, actor or television personality. With a huge choice of celebrity lookalikes to choose from, you could have Marilyn Monroe serenade happy birthday to your boss or share a martini with 007 himself, James Bond! And that will be shaken not stirred please! Or how about giving your event a regal theme with a celebrity royal lookalike! Your chosen celebrity will mingle with your guests and leave them starstruck, as they chat, pose for photos and meet and greet. Add a touch of celebrity pageantry to your event with a celebrity lookalike and make it a really star studded affair!