Halloween Entertainment Ideas to Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

The nights are drawing in, the heating has been turned on and there is a distinct chill in the air… yes October is well underway and that can mean only one thing… Halloween is nearly here!

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in the UK and has become a lot more than a constant stream of children ringing the doorbell with cries of “trick or treat!”. With more and more people hosting or attending Halloween parties, it’s time to start preparing for all things ghoulish, ghastly and supernatural!

If like us, you can’t get enough of the fearsome, the bizarre or the downright creepy, and are already planning your evening of Halloween horror, then we have some unique and fun Halloween themed entertainment ideas, to make your event one that goes go bump in the night!

Murder Mystery Night

Nothing is more chilling than a cold-blooded murderer lurking in your midst! The best horror stories are those based on the unknown; so what could be better for your Halloween party than a spine-tingling Murder Mystery? Unravel a dastardly web of deception and whiplash-inducing manipulation, with an ingenious, Murder Mystery Experience. This malevolent concept is presented by a team of actors with one thing on their minds, Murder! Immerse your guests in a blood-curdling mystery of plot twists, dastardly deeds and a grisly murder or two! This confounding whodunnit is full of fun and intrigue where nothing is as it seems and everyone is a suspect!


Hiring a magician for your event is perfect for the ultimate in Old Hallows Eve trickery. And a great way to freak out your guests!!
Add a little double-dealing to your Halloween celebrations with a dash of spine-tingling close-up magic, eerily accurate mind reading and some inhuman feats of mentalism! This spooky and kooky act provides a fun-filled, Halloween themed show adding mystical mayhem to your evening. You and your guests will be left reeling as you witness magical moments that simply cannot be explained! Baffling and mind boggling, this is menacing magic at its best!

Living Statues

As nightfall settles in and your breath falls heavy on the chilly October evening, the welcoming warmth of your party venue is a reassuring sight. Step over the threshold to tables piled high with food and drinks and wonder at the statues that adorn the room. Yet allow your eyes to linger for long enough, and you will be questioning your own sanity…  Did that statue wink? No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you! The fixtures and fittings literally come to life with this fabulously weird walkabout entertainment. For an unearthly twist, Living Statues add a terrifying wow moment, as guests fall victim to the Halloween surprise that no one will see coming. But beware… this is not for the faint hearted… they really are behind you!!


Who is that creature hidden in the shadows nuzzling through his cd’s and usbs? No Halloween party would be complete without some haunting music, so why not hire a DJ for your ghoulish bash?
A devilishly good DJ is an absolute must to create a supernatural vibe for Halloween and you won’t have to sell your soul, to hear some demonically good tunes!!
Create your own atmospheric playlist and gather your friends and family on the dance floor, as the horror factor is cranked up, for the​ Time Warp,​ and the ​Monster Mash.
Keep those undead party guests dancing all night long and throw some shapes to ​Thriller​ before wrapping up your Halloween celebrations and hitting the ​Highway to Hell…​ or calling an uber for a trip to ​Ghost Town!!