When we see people on TV talent shows saying they ‘just want to be a star’ – that they live to sing (or dance or whatever), and they are prepared to give up everything to succeed, we here at Quinn Artistes often wonder if they know what that really means.

With the rise of the reality shows and ‘instant’ fame, it’s no wonder so many of these hopefuls fall by the wayside. Without the proper training or experience, real hard work and graft they can’t really be expected to succeed either can they?

Real artistes are professional, and, it has to be said, tough! They spend years travelling up and down the country, performing at all kinds of venues, dealing with the unexpected. When a car breaks down – they’re covered and they make sure they arrive at the booking unflustered and able to perform. When there is a costume malfunction mid-performance, they keep smiling and just ‘get on with it’. When they’re missing their children or partners whilst on tour or on a cruise ship they run up hours on Skype or on the phone, but they don’t run home leaving anyone in the lurch. We have an amazing Whitney Houston tribute act, seen performing on cruise ships like P&O’s Brittania and she communicates with her family on a regular basis thanks to the likes of Skype and Facebook. She was however recently faced with the daunting task of performing her Whitney show when she had just heard the terrible news a member of her family had passed away, but just like the true pro she is, she still managed to perform her stunning show and to rousing applause.

Being a great artiste encompasses attitude, professionalism and clearly the performance itself. It takes years to hone your craft when you’re an entertainer. Stagecraft or ‘learning on the job,’ is everything from how to ‘work’ and interact with your audience, to how to react (and cover it up smoothly) when things go wrong – this is the art of learning true showmanship. The best cover or function bands learn how to put together a set list to please an audience, keep the dance floor full and how to change things at the last-minute when the mood of the crowd changes. This comes with really working on your act, getting to know your electrical sound PA system/lighting equipment, and growing in confidence with every performance. Our Bruno Mars tribute act is one of our most popular and on point tribute shows, his shows encompass all that the word ‘artiste’ means.

It also takes a huge amount of social skills too. When things go wrong – if there’s a mix-up at the venue or the client wants to make last minute changes – it’s all about negotiating, thinking on your feet and taking it all in your stride. And it’s definitely about the attitude ‘the show must go on’! We had a comedienne once who did a show with a hot water bottle tucked into her waistband (discreetly of course), and then 4 hours later was rushed into hospital with a bursting appendix! Come hell or high water, come migraines, sickness, relationship break-ups and babies about to be born – real entertainers see the job through. Reworked Remastered popularity comes not only from their talent, slick choreography and stagecraft, it comes from the ability to connect and engage with their audiences.

And that’s why Quinn Artistes Entertainment Agency is enjoying their best year to date! We continue to expand our roster with these amazing, dedicated and experienced artistes, who truly understand what it is to be a ‘real’ entertainer. We’d like to thank everyone on our books for continuing to do their jobs well, for keeping the agency’s name at the top of the ratings, and for flying the flag for what it means to be an experienced, professional and thoroughly entertaining entertainer!!

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