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After months of lockdown, life in general is starting to regain a sense of normality. The re-opening of shops, venues, and businesses, means for employers and employees alike, it is once again business as usual. For businesses this means, once more looking toward corporate event entertainment hire.

Corporate Entertainment is a significant part of a company’s annual calendar. It serves as an excellent way of promoting products and services and reinforcing brand values.

Event entertainment has the potential to encourage better working relationships, and is an invaluable way of bringing clients, customers, or employees together.

Successful corporate entertainment is a wonderful way to impress clients and raise awareness. It is also vital in creating a positive impact and making your employees feel valued. This in turn creates a pleasant working environment which is always good for productivity.

More than ever, industries everywhere are looking for original and innovative entertainment options in order increase reputation, boost morale and publicise business.

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Corporate event planning requires a great deal of time and attention. Entertainment hire is an integral part of corporate hosting from the guest list to venue, food, to table settings (and everything in between; an integral part of corporate hosting is entertainment hire. The choice of entertainment at an event, may be the difference between triumph or failure.

The approaching festive season means event planning is well underway; and the upcoming corporate event or office party may be the perfect opportunity for attendees to really let their hair down; within post covid guidelines of course!

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Christmas Corporate Entertainment

Whether planning the next team building event or overseeing the corporate Christmas party entertainment, it is likely that your biggest task will be to hire corporate entertainment, (after ensuring a full quota of bar staff!)

Hiring interactive entertainment for corporate events will transform your function from humdrum to extraordinary! Going interactive with your entertainment is a proven way of attracting positive attention from attendees. Entertainment that involves guests, creates positive associations with the event, and your company.

Supplying first-class corporate entertainment for your event also has a broader knock-on effect on employee well being and creativity. Successful entertaining makes for a positive, memorable impression which is enjoyable and influential in HR terms. Moreover, employee loyalty, work-college collaborations, and organisational communication can all improve.

Magician act to astound your guests!

Corporate Magic

Booking a magician or magic act is a superb way of entertaining guests or clients. Adding a little magic to your corporate party creates a great atmosphere and certainly makes for a memorable experience.

Why not astonish your guests with sleight of hand trickery or baffle them with a breath-taking illusionist? A close-up magic act will certainly add razzle dazzle, while a mind reading magician is a perplexing party piece!

If creating a magical vibe is top of your entertainment list or you want to mystify your clients, then booking a magic show for your event is as easy as Abracadabra!


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Corporate Comedy

There is nothing like shared laughter to turn the stuffiest of corporate functions into a joyful and downright convivial social event. Entertainment that makes guests laugh is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of work. Laughter really is the best medicine!

If you are looking to lighten the mood when choosing entertainment, then booking a comedian or comedy act is the way to go. We have a side-splitting range of stand-up comedians, comedy impressionists and comedy vocalists available.
Each brings their own unique brand of humour and variety, so you will be sure to find the comedy act that fits perfectly with your event requirements. Booking a corporate comedy act is always a popular crowd-pleaser for guaranteed giggles, cheeky chuckles, and howls of laughter.


It is back to the drawing board when booking a caricaturist to entertain at your corporate party. These talented and nimble-fingered artists are a creative and fun entertainment choice. The ideal interactive entertainment, caricaturists are great at breaking the ice and amusing attendees. Choose from fun cartoon artists, animators and for the digitally minded, even an iPad caricaturist to delight part patrons. Whether your event is large or small, drawing the right attention is necessary (see what we did there), and best of all, your clients will have a witty and uniquely customised keepsake as a treasured reminder.

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Surprise Waiters

Why not treat your guests to an unexpected and jaw-dropping surprise! Our incredible singing waiters will be the best-kept secret at your next office party!

Mingling incognito and disguised as waiting staff, our surprise entertainers blend in effortlessly as they serve guests… until the stunning moment when they burst into a fantastic song! This electrifying surprise is one no one will see coming!

Singing Waiters are the ultimate surprise addition to business functions, charity events, office parties and much more. These show-stopping singers will undoubtedly create quite the buzz!

If you are looking for entertainment that puts you at the top of the corporate ladder, we have the talent that will get you noticed.

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