*What made you decide to become a tribute artiste/vocalist?

I love Abba and singing generally. I feel happy on the stage, giving good vibes to people.

*What made you decide to form a tribute to this particular artiste?

From the time when I was 5 years old, my parents were listening to Abba, so I guess that’s what made me decide for an Abba tribute.

*How long have you been performing your tribute act or act?

Over 10 years.

*What work is involved in putting the show together?

A lot of concentration on details and ideas, to make your act different to others and be entertaining.

*Which of your shows to date has been your favourite and why?

Joanne’s BD party, as she was so happy and so enjoying the show.

*What is the most enjoyable thing about being as a tribute artiste/or vocalist?

Singing a great melodies, wearing that lovely costumes and interact with audience.

*What is your fondest musical memory?

When I was 5 years old singing in bus full of people on the way to a wedding J

*What is your favourite song to perform?

Take a chance, but it vary J

*Are you a fan of the tribute act/acts you cover?


*What do you do to prepare for a tribute performance or vocal performance?

Good sleep and vocal warm up.

*Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I am actress as well, and that helps a lot to deliver feelings of the songs to an audience.

*What advice would you give to beginners in this industry?

Work on yourself and always keep improving your skills.

*Have you performed with or for any celebrities?

Not yet!

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