*What made you decide to become a tribute artiste/vocalist?

It’s very cliché, but I have been performing since a very young age. I have always known I will be a performer and my ambition and focus has always been on this one goal. As well as performing in production shows I enjoy putting acts together and for the last 3 years they all have been successfully touring the UK.

*Do you come from a musical family? 

My mum sings in the shower? The most musical member in the family is probably my dad who plays guitar and keyboard. When growing up, I to got into playing musical instruments as well as performing. I got up to Grade 5 in Clarinet and Saxophone and I believe this has helped my musicality and my expertise in vocal harmonies.

*What made you decide to form a tribute to this particular artiste?

As well as singing and dancing I am also an actor, so being able to convey an interesting character very well is something I enjoy. Being a perfectionist I will watch hours of the artistes performances and interviews to get every mannerism and vocal accent down to a tee.

*How long have you been performing your tribute act or act?

I have been performing on the cabaret circuit now for the last 3 years, the longer I am in the industry the more tributes and acts I will create. I will only work on the tribute shows one at a time, as it’s all about quality not quantity and it takes time to perfect a tribute/act. So my tributes/acts will not perform to an audience unless they have been perfected.

*What work is involved in putting the show together?

All the shows I run are put together differently. I make all the tracks and medleys and put my own backing vocals on each track. I choreograph the shows and then film a step by step choreography guide, so as well as rehearsing with me, my performers can also learn and take in extra at home. Each act I put out on the circuit will have had weeks and sometimes months of research put in to it first before designing the show. My partner and I run the photoshoots for promotional material (he is a videographer and photographer). I shop for the costumes, shoes and wigs. 

*Which of your shows to date has been your favourite and why?

I can not pick a favourite as I love my work so much and therefore I can not pinpoint one particular show or moment. All I can say is I have worked in venues where there have been as little as 10 people and venues where there has been up to 5000. Each venue brings a different experience and hence a different learning curb. I enjoy working out how to work the crowd in intimate and packed out venues.

*What is the most enjoyable thing about being as a tribute artiste/or vocalist?

As GaGa would say “I live for the APPLAUSE” and this is quite true. There have been days where I have been stuck in traffic for 7 hours non stop, I’ve broken down and there is lots of hassle living your life on the road sometimes. However, that moment your on stage and the adrenalin is pumping makes it all worth while and I would never change my profession. When the crowds cheer I feel alive!

*What is your fondest musical memory? 

The first time I ever performed in front of an audience, It was make or break. I was so young and nerve were a big thing back then for me. But being able to overcome the nerves and ooze confidence made me realise this was something I was born to do and at the age of 6 it was written in the stars for me.

*What is your favourite song to perform? 

I really can’t answer this one, again I take pride in every song and show I do so they would all be my favourite for different reasons.

*Are you a fan of the tribute act/acts you cover?

Of course, any acts or tributes I have chosen to impersonate is because I am a big fan of the artist and music. You have to genuinely enjoy what your doing/performing to be enable the audience to  like enjoy your performance. I am a huge fan of Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Motown and Soul, 90’s and Little Mix. There are other artistes that have inspired me too, but I don’t think I would make a very good Michael Jackson. 

*What do you do to prepare for a tribute performance or vocal performance? 

I am absolutely boring when I am on tour, I will not drink alcohol or go to bars/clubs where I have to talk over loudly to be heard. I drink 2- 4 litres of water a day (Yes I stop at the services a lot!) I like to drink a ginger tea about 30mins before the performance with a spoon full of honey. At night I then steam or take a hot bath and have a bit of vocal rest. This may sound like diva behaviour but the last thing you want is chronic Laryngitis and 3 weeks off work. 

*Tell us something interesting about yourself?

Since the age of 18 I have moved/worked in a different part of the country 10 times! 

*What advice would you give to beginners in this industry? 

My advice would be to take it one step at a time, start with one act and perfect it and let yourself naturally progress. Quality is always better than quantity. Be warm but wise, be friendly but not naïve, have fun but work hard and look after yourself and others! 

*Have you performed with or for any celebrities? 

I was a backing singer for 911 at Butlins 90’s weekend in front of 5000 people.

*Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I believe that is all on a professional level, hope you have enjoyed. 

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