*What made you decide to become a tribute artiste/vocalist?

Since leaving Stage School I have been working constantly and love the vibe from Live Performing.

*What made you decide to form a tribute to this particular artiste?

I find that many people from different age groups love there style of music and always leave the audience happy.

*How long have you been performing your tribute act or act?

3 Years as Michael Buble act. 2 Years as Olly Murs.

*What work is involved in putting the show together?

Hours of finding which songs work the best. Getting good quality backing tracks with no fade-outs. Choosing the right costume/Props for each performance. Always up-dating your act to include the latest songs.

*Which of your shows to date has been your favourite and why?

Performing for Princess Cruise Lines. Working with a full Orchestra.

*What is the most enjoyable thing about being as a tribute artiste/or vocalist?

Leaving the client happy. Getting the audience involved is very important to any act.

*What is your fondest musical memory?

Preforming Live with a full Orchestra at the Albert Hall.

*What is your favourite song to perform?

We Are The Champions (Queen)

*Are you a fan of the tribute act/acts you cover?

Yes, I enjoy all types of music.

*What do you do to prepare for a tribute performance or vocal performance?

Vocal Warm-up is very important for any type of singing. No matter how big or small. Sound check and having a good fold back on stage to make sure you can hear yourself.

*Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have been preforming professionally for 12 years. Working for some of the biggest Cruise Lines. I started working as a lead vocalist in the production shows and have since gone on to preform my own cabaret show becoming a guest entertainer. I was almost a professional Boxer before I started to sing.

*What advice would you give to beginners in this industry?

Be prepared for knock backs. But don’t give up. Keep polishing your product, as you can always be better. Take every bit of advice given.

*Have you performed with or for any celebrities?

I use to do a lot of backing vocals for pop stars. Will Young, Gareth Gates, Martine McCutcheon are just a few.

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