*What made you decide to become a tribute artiste/vocalist?

I’ve always played in bands and have been professional since 21.

*Do you come from a musical family?

Yes, my Dad has played guitar in bands since the 1970’s

*What made you decide to form a tribute to Elton John?

I was performing abroad as a guitarist in a duo and members of the audience thought that I had a sound of Elton John in my voice. I was looking for a change at the time and I could already play the piano so I gave it a go.

*How long have you been performing your tribute act or act?

Since 2008.

*What work is involved in putting the show together?

I’ve played on and recording all my own backing tracks, I’ve also written out all the music for when I work with my band. My costumes had to be custom made and of course I had to learn and rehearse the songs both vocally and on piano too.

*Which of your shows to date has been your favourite and why?

I did a run of shows at Barcelona casino that were great fun, it was an intimate venue with a beautiful grand piano and as the audience were Spanish it was all about the music and songs.

*What is the most enjoyable thing about being as a tribute artiste/or vocalist?

Getting to impersonate your idol.

*What is your fondest musical memory?

Playing on stage with my band at a tribute festival.

*What is your favourite song to perform?

Rocket Man, just a great song.

*Are you a fan of the tribute act/acts you cover?


*What do you do to prepare for a tribute performance or vocal performance?

Load all the gear in and drive! Once at the venue I set up and then settle into my dressing room to apply my makeup and wig or hat. A few vocal warm ups and then it’s on with the suit and off to perform.

*Tell us something interesting about yourself?

Despite my Elton John physique I love exercising and take part in half marathons and triathlons. I’m also learning to play the trumpet but not at the same time.

*What advice would you give to beginners in this industry?

You can’t please everyone all the time, for every 99 people that love your tribute there will be one who thinks you look or sound nothing like them. Try to remember how much you enjoyed performing on your long drive home!

*Have you performed with or for any celebrities?

I have performed at charity events with John Cleese, Theo Pathitis etc.

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