• The Soulsters TRIO - Quinn Artistes Entertainment UK

    The Soulsters

    • Livercools Vocal Harmony Group - Quinn Artistes Entertainment UK

    Livercools Vocal Harmony

    • The Liver Bird Show A Tribute to the 60s

    The Liver Bird Show

    • The Beats 60s Tribute Band Fab and Live

    The Beats 60s Tribute Band

    • Beat Beatles Tribute Band Based in Brighton

    Beat Beatles Tribute Band

    • The Barnellas Vocal Trio - Quinn Artistes Entertainment UK.

    The Barnellas

    • Frankie Valli Tribute Artiste Dale based in Cardiff

    Frankie Valli Tribute

    • Jersey Boys Tribute Band Book Now! Marks

    Jersey Boys Tribute

    • James Brown tribute act midland based

    James Brown tribute

    • Lee as Elvis Presley based in Staffordshire

    Lee as Elvis Presley

    • 60s Groove vocal duo based in Yorkshire

    60’s Groove duo

    • Sounds Of The 60s - Quinn Artistes Entertainment UK

    Sounds Of The 60’s