Five tips to consider when booking Surprise Singers – or singing waiters for your wedding entertainment.

1. How can we make the performance specific to our wedding?

Surprise Singers have a wealth of experience in making sure their performance will create an awesome WOW moment that will amaze an audience, but for your special day this is a surprise that you want to make specific to you. You want your wedding day to be personal and unique to you, so of course you want your entertainment choice to reflect that.

Discuss your ideas in detail. If you have a theme in mind, ensure that your Surprise- Singers are fully versed on your expectations. Discuss music and song choices. If you have a song that is special to you as a couple and want it to feature in the surprise, then make sure you ask that it be included in the set list. Maybe you have a particular musical genre in mind for your special day or want your surprise to be aimed at a family member or friend. If you have specific ideas about the characters you want your singers to play, check that this is something that is available in the performance. Surprise-Singers cater to your unique and detailed requirements, so between us we tailor make the ultimate surprise and turn it into a cherished memory.

 2. Ask how the guests will be surprised. Consider the scenario.

When choosing your Surprise-Singers, chat with us and ask exactly how the guests will be surprised on the big day. Talk about the scenario of the reveal in detail. You cannot have too much information at this stage. Make sure the sequence of events is to your taste. You don’t want a scenario that doesn’t fit with your style or preferences. This has to be credible to be believed. You want to ensure that none of your guests will suspect the amazing revelation to come, so however the plan unfolds, it has to be plausible and it has to fit seamlessly into your wedding reception, without arousing suspicion!

Have a detailed idea of how you want the scene to be set. Your surprise entertainers are skilled professionals and will work with you to make sure that they create the ultimate impact moment. If you prefer to let the surprise singers design the ‘plot’, then ensure you have a comprehensive idea of the types of performances that we offer. And if you are happy, choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Decide on the role.

Surprise Singers are not only fantastic vocalists but also excellent actors with a wealth of experience. Think about the part you want your performers to play and discuss how this will be incorporated into your wedding reception. To maintain the surprise, your surprise entertainers will be incognito and acting out a ‘role’, so decide on the one that best fits your wedding. The performers will mingle with your guests, chatting and remaining undercover until the time is right, so decide which guise is best in order to maintain the mystery! You could decide that by having them disguised as waiting staff, serving drinks and meals, is the best way of throwing your guests off the scent or you may have them ’planted’ among your other guests to completely blend in. Our surprise entertainers are experts at interacting with party goers, socialising and keeping up the pretense of being the real thing until the pre-arranged moment when they become singing stars to the delight of their audience! Have fun choosing the characters you want for your surprise, and if you have specific ideas of your own mention them. Surprise Singers will act out their role to perfection.

4. Ensure the Logistics-it’s all in the detail

Nothing should be left to chance when planning your special day, so when it comes to booking your Surprise-Singers you want to be absolutely certain that every detail is well prepared in advance and executed to perfection. Once you have established how the surprise will be delivered, finalise the details and preparations for the huge revelation! This is where your singers will have all bases covered. It is completely natural to have concerns that things may not go as planned. Surprise entertainers will know exactly what the potential issues may be and are skilled in making sure these issues do not arise. Having amazed guests at a host of weddings, and corporate events, they are adept at meticulously planning their stunning performance. They will discuss any concerns you may have and have a detailed behind the scenes itinerary.

This will include liaising with your chosen venue, to confirm timings, character costumes and maintaining a concise and open line of communication with your wedding venue. Well in advance of the big reveal, your singers will have coordinated sound systems, microphones and rehearsed and performed a sound check. With everything ship shape behind the scenes you can relax and enjoy the surprise to come

5. Do your research and book well in advance.

The concept of singing waiters has become hugely popular over recent years and creates a delightfully unexpected twist to your special day. With so many options to choose from, it is a good idea to start your research as early as possible. Start by looking at the singing waiter companies available and think about the type of impact you want to make. Narrow down those that best fit the theme of your wedding. Now the fun bit! Discuss all the elements of what you hope to achieve, so you are pointed in the direction of the performers that are a best fit for you. View as much video footage of the performers as possible. The reaction of previous guests will be a great indicator as to how good the performers are and will be invaluable in your fact finding. Check out testimonials from previous clients to get a real feel for the element of surprise you can expect at your own wedding. Discuss the other types of events that have used Surprise Singers and singing waiters. This type of entertainment is ideal for corporate events and parties too, so ask about previous performances. This will give you a complete view of the types of scenario that can be designed.

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