16 questions you need to ask before booking a wedding band


Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the biggest days of your life. So, you will want everything to go smoothly and stress-free. In this blog post, we answer the top 16 most prudent questions you should ask before booking your wedding band!

1. How do I choose the wedding entertainment to suit all my guests and make my wedding bespoke?

Our website contains hundreds of live wedding bands that cover a wide variety of music from all over the UK. Most live wedding bands and wedding singer’s profiles contain photos, video clips, song lists, testimonials etc to help you in your search for the perfect live entertainment for your wedding.

16 Questions you need to ask before booking a Wedding band

2. How much is the fee, and what are the payment terms when booking a Wedding band?

No one likes to talk money, but it’s essential to ensure the band fits in with your budget and to get no surprises. Keeping track of how much you’ll initially need to put down, like many other deposits you’ll have to make before the wedding (photographer, florist, catering, venue, etc.). It will help with budgeting for your day. Quinn Artistes will help find you a wedding band that fits your budget and will do all the negotiation for you.
We normally take a 15% deposit, and the balance is due one month in advance of the wedding. The fee remains in our client business account – a legal requirement for all entertainment agencies, (like a solicitor’s escrow bank account).

3. Is it possible to speak to an experienced entertainment advisor who can help me further in choosing my wedding entertainment?

Yes, we positively encourage this! Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5.30 pm. All of the wedding bands and wedding entertainers on the website have been seen performing live (often many times) by a member of the booking team who will listen to your requirements, provide advice and recommend the most suitable live wedding entertainment.

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4. Can I see the wedding band or wedding singer perform live before I proceed and book?

While we totally understand this, it is not always practical or possible. We can only provisionally hold a date for any of our bands or entertainers for a few days. Our wedding bands and wedding singers perform at many weddings and functions throughout the UK, and these may not be open to the public due to them being private events. It may be a few weeks or even months before they have a booking which is open to the public, by this time the wedding band you want may not be available on your chosen date and we do not want any of our clients to be disappointed.

At Quinn Artistes Entertainment the wedding singers and bands we represent and actively promote are carefully selected, not only are they of a very high standard, and super talented, they are reliable, both when performing on stage and off stage they are polite and helpful. Your entertainment advisor will honestly and professionally advise and recommend the wedding band or singer who is most suitable for your wedding. A few options to view will usually be emailed over to you to view with links to their listings on our website.

5. Can I have input on the setlist?

During the performance, the band will perform the playlist you or the band agreed to. Do remember that our bands perform week in and week out, therefore they know which music works well and you are completely OK just leaving the playlist to their discretion. At the three-week call before the event, the band will give you a call to finalise all the specifics. If you’d like a copy of the setlist now, feel free to ask for one; you can always switch out one or two songs for others in their catalogue if you’d like.

If you need further advice on booking a wedding band please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 250 5089.


6. How do I know that the wedding singer or band that I choose is the one I will see at my wedding?

Simple, everything you see and hear on our website is who will perform at your wedding. Unlike some rogue websites, Quinn Artistes Entertainments DO NOT under any circumstances falsely advertise entertainers, take a booking, and then deliberately send a poorer standard version.

Personnel in bands do change from time to time and we are vigilant in maintaining our knowledge of each individual band and group members. If a member change does not alter the quality of the wedding band, then we will continue to permit the band to honour existing bookings. If the band has a major change of line up i.e., a singer is replaced we will review the band and advise any client with an existing booking, that there has been a significant change and consequently either reassure them to continue with the booking or recommend replacing with a quality alternative wedding band or wedding singer.

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7. Does the wedding band perform at more than one event per day?

Your wedding day is too special to share; we ensure any band you book has no other commitments on your special day.

8. Have the chosen wedding band played at your wedding venue before?

It would be handy if the band has played at your wedding venue before, however, this should not be a deal breaker, most venues are used to having live bands and will work with the band to ensure the set up runs smoothly.

9. Can the wedding band play the first dance song live?

If your requested song is something the band would like to add to their setlist, they will most likely learn it at no extra cost for the wedding. They may need to charge a fee to cover their rehearsal time if your request isn’t common. To ensure that the band has time to learn your first dance song requests during their busy season, let us know if you have a request as soon as possible.

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10. If I book a wedding band or wedding singer with Quinn Artistes Entertainment, how secure is my booking?

When you book a wedding band with us you have the security and peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a professional company that has been established for over 15 years. Quinn Artistes entertainment was established by professional entertainers, who have worked on every entertainment stage, both in the UK and abroad. Every year we supply live entertainment to thousands of party events, corporate functions, venues, and weddings. Quinn Artistes Entertainment provides industry-approved contracts. These contracts are legally binding and cannot be cancelled except in the case of a fatality, illness, force majeure, war, act of God etc. Full terms will appear on the contract.

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11. Is there any way to see the band perform live?

Most of our acts and bands have some amazing videos of them performing live, you wouldn’t want to gate-crash another wedding or someone’s special event. So, why not take a look at our wedding bands on our website and choose some that you like the best and let us know who you feel are a good fit for your wedding?

12. Can we have a do not play list?

It can be often overlooked, the power of a do no playlist. If there are any negatively emotional songs for you or any family members, please ensure that you inform us of this and will make sure the band add this to the do not play list.

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13. Why book a wedding band with Quinn Artistes Entertainment and not direct?

There are many beneficial reasons to secure your wedding entertainment with us. Other essential points to consider and common misconceptions are that wedding bands are not necessarily cheaper by booking directly! They may be performing many bookings with us per year and therefore we have the buying power to secure the most competitive price and loyalty.

Our office is a full-time structured organisation that books and deals with wedding bands and wedding singers in a professional capacity every day of the year. The performers we represent have a responsibility to us when performing at the bookings we provide them with to uphold our reputation and to adhere to our codes of conduct. A direct booking with a band may not be contracted, which could lead to at the minimum confusion or even worse them not turning up or cancelling to accept a better/higher priced booking.

We are full members of the largest trade association of its kind (The Agents’ Association of Great Britain) and as such adhere to a strict code of conduct. For security, peace of mind, quality, and professionalism book your wedding entertainment with us.

14. Can I speak with the wedding band directly before my Wedding?

Once you have booked your wedding entertainment with us, you can update us at any time with any additional information, for example, first dance, wedding itinerary etc. These will all be forwarded and confirmed with the wedding band or entertainer, and we will confirm these details with you. If you would then like to speak directly with the band, then this can be arranged a few weeks before the wedding.


15. Wedding band or wedding entertainment cancels due to illness/accident?

This is unlikely; however, this cannot be ruled out. Firstly, full evidence from the entertainer or wedding band – for example – medical note, breakdown report etc would be required from the band within 7 days. Secondly, we have a superb network of wedding bands and wedding entertainers and will utilise our experience and contacts to enable us to offer a similar standard wedding band or wedding entertainer as a replacement. We operate a full emergency standby service till 9 pm, 365 days a year, where an entertainment advisor will do everything possible to provide the best solution to any situation that may occur.

It’s improbable that anything will happen; however, it’s always important to be covered! All the acts and bands we represent have PLI and PAT-tested equipment and copies of the certificates can be supplied upon request.


16. Do I have to pay a deposit for the wedding band?

We normally take a 15% deposit, and the balance is due one month in advance of the wedding. If the wedding band or wedding entertainer cancels due to illness/accident/fatality we will seek to offer a suitable, replacement band or entertainer(s).

If you decide not to accept the replacement(s) offered, then we will refund 50% of your deposit paid. The remaining 50% deposit balance will be retained by Quinn Artistes Entertainment towards our administration costs.


Booking a wedding band with Quinn Artistes

Here at Quinn Artistes Entertainment, we genuinely believe in the power of music: even our director has a musical background. So, you know you are in safe hands; if you have any questions or queries, please call us on 0121 250 5089 or email us info@quinnartistes.com


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